Wedding Photography

When it comes to events and special occasions, weddings are of course particularly important. It’s not so often that all your friends and relatives come together to honour the union with the one you love, and your wedding photography should commemorate this extraordinary energy.

Without getting in anyone’s way, I’ll capture all those moments that will make you smile for years to come. Like with event photography, my wedding photography approach is candid, natural, and creative. I will not make you do awkward poses or spend too much time on setting up a scene. To me it’s more important to portray a mood, capturing the magic of the moment and being sensitive to what it means to you – a wedding is not a performance, after all.

I’m easygoing and accommodating, and hope to make the experience as pleasant and unobtrusive as possible.

I enjoy intimate and alternative weddings and – although this shouldn’t need to be mentioned – I welcome diversity and LGBTQ weddings.