Event Photography

As an event photographer, I focus on capturing how the event feels, portraying the atmosphere in the most authentic and candid way possible. When it comes to remembering a special occasion, the overall mood and unique expressions on people’s faces are just as important as the main action. This is why I like to point my camera at the audience in-between times – discreetly of course – to capture crowd reactions. I have a natural, documentary-style approach and aim to deliver authentic event photography.

With an educational background in journalism, I’m drawn to storytelling, and pay attention to pleasing angles in order to portray the subject in a flattering way. “Documentary” doesn’t mean I photograph everything – most people (understandably!) don’t like being photographed when they’re eating, for instance. But when captured in a thoughtful manner, the photos of authentic moments, when nobody noticed I was taking a picture, are often my favourites.

Events I cover include talks, conferences and corporate parties as well as intimate occasions, such as surprise engagements, kids’ parties or matric ball preparation.