Liesl Haasbroek creates primal fire using the “wood-friction” method — one of the most significant discoveries of homo sapiens. To her this is a spiritual process, a connection to the past and honouring of nature. Here she is seen performing the ceremony with Mathea Eichel at the opening of the Khoisan Hut at the Galley Restaurant in Fish Hoek. She shared a poem to help me understand the spiritual context of the making of original fire:

In my warmed blood I know how it was in that dawning of time when we early humans first made fire. It was in that moment of recreation of the sun, that we became co-creator…in that moment was born our first glimmering awareness of the forces of creation and life. The sun had always been the giver of life and now we humans could make the sun, we too could give light and life. In that first making of fire we gave breath and birth to the primal idea of co-creator and of Self…the first inadvertent awakening of human consciousness. In that first enormous act of co-creation we became aware of something greater than ourselves…the whispered beginnings of a God-consciousness on earth as it is in heaven. By the light of the first fire we extended ourselves through the universe to the heart of the sun itself and in our acknowledgement of this relationship we extended the idea of ourselves from earth to infinity.
– ‘In my Warmed Blood’ by Paul John Myburgh


Liesl performs primal fire ceremonies at weddings, birthdays, housewarmings or just about any type of gathering that can be sanctified and turned into a mindful experience. For more information: