Saxit! is a Cape Town-based saxophone quartet. They perform arrangements of a variety of songs, such as ‘I Feel Good’ by James Brown, or South African classics like ‘Chisa’ by Abdullah Ibrahim, without the use of drums or a bass for rhythm, harmony and melody — the saxophones (baritone, alto and soprano) take care of all elements of the arrangement. The below photos of Saxit!, as well as opening band PRAVDA, were taken at the launch of the quartet’s 2018 album Systeme Diabolique, a stirring piece of art that’s much more than just a collection of songs. Beyond guest musicians, such as vocalist Maya Spector or trumpeter Keegan Steenkamp, the record features appearances by poets Allison-Claire Hoskins and Qaqamba Mbili, as well as actors Josh Prinsloo and Juanita Domingo. It’s a highly involved listening experience, achieved by a great deal of insight and innovation. You can check out it out here.